Sunday, 21 January 2018

Simply Seasonal ....21st of January

Hello Lovelies,
how was your week? My work days were busy and quiet stressful, but my days off had many happy moments and simple but special treats.

Here is my round up of simply seasonal joy for the third week of January.

1 ♥ A feast with friends. My walking group have their annual lunch in January. I think it's great that they don't try and have it in December when everywhere and everyone is so busy. The company was great...lots of book talk which gave me some titles to look out for. I'm not much of a novel reader but occasionally I do like to loose myself in a book. Last year I read THIS book on holiday and loved it.

The roses on the table made me smile

and there were any courses to enjoy. I liked the carvery main course the best as I do love this sort of meal and it tastes much nicer when you have not had to cook it yourself :0)

2 ♥ Baking It's still chilly outside and it was very windy on occasion this week. When it's wild weather I love to turn on the oven and bake in a cosy kitchen.

I made an army of gingerbread men

3 ♥ Walking by water. On Thursday I was relived the wind had gone and the sun was even shining. Myself and a friend were  the leaders on this weeks walking group outing. It was an  unusually flat walk for us to choose but the watery views were beautiful and it avoided too much mud :0)

We went HERE.

It was great to be able to distribute some home baking too.

4 ♥ Getting outdoors with Eldest. More walking....this time locally. No water but lots of chat and fresh air.

I introduced him to my Robin friend too. Can you spot him?

Her's getting braver and we both loved watching him enjoy the seed I left.

My favourite church was looking pretty in the sunshine.

and I smiled when I noticed the snowdrops are getting bigger.

The very "Free Range" chickens were wandering around enjoying the sunshine a little further down the road.

and we said hello to these two, who seemed to smile back.

5 ♥ Wintry Shadows. As you can see our shed project is finally looking better. It's not complete but we are getting there. I had to smile when eldest did a bit styling with a pot and the little pig I've had in the garden for ages, but I took this photo mainly for the tree shadows.  I love their shapes and the way I could see the shadows of the birds hopping in the branches too.

6 ♥ Making Soup. I do love home made soup. It's so cheap and easy to make. Not to mention good for you.

On this occasion I used THIS recipe.

7 ♥ Adventuring with mum. This week we went in search of a new tea room. It's becoming a habit :0)
 It was a bit tricky to find and I nearly baulked when we came to this steep, single track bridge. Time to sound your horn to warn others who might be coming in the opposite direction.

We made it over safely and I had to admit it was a pretty sight from the canal bank.

As you can see this is a quiet lane. We like a tea room with pretty surroundings.

The sun even shone for us and things looked promising.

we went HERE.

Inside was delightful. More table flowers. Such a lovely touch

and when you have had healthy soup for lunch you have an excuse for a sweet treat, right?

There were other customers despite the relative remoteness of this spot. I love the quick sketch mum did of this couple.

Mum also had old photos in her handbag that made me smile. This is my younger brother and I at Hardcastle Crags in the 80's. I think we would have been 18 and 14. I see we loved stepping stones back then too...oh and we were both wearing our Nanna's knitting  :0)

It was a lovely atmosphere in the Tea shop and even better...there is also a charity shop there. I picked up a brand new high quality walking top for a bargain price.

And mum got a new handbag...her weakness :0)   It was a lovely afternoon discovering somewhere new and supporting a deserving charity too. In mum's words it "turned out better than like"

I hope your week turns out well too.
Jacquie x

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Simply Seasonal.....14th of January

Hello Lovelies,
Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my first "Simply Seasonal" post last week. I do hope you continue to enjoy these weekly updates as we go through the year. I'm feeling thankful to have this structure on my blog at the moment, it makes me really take notice of the simple things that are such a joy if you just give them your attention for a short while. Here are the things that have made me smile this second week of the new year.

1 ♥ A walk in the woods  It's such a gentle and uplifting way to soak in the seasonal atmosphere. 

The bare trees are truly beautiful, especially when we are blessed with a little winter sunshine.

And when it's frosty fallen leaves take on a whole new appearance.

The country lane was looking pretty here.

and a little further around my circuit I was delighted to see that the Which Hazel was already in blossom.

 Even in the depths of winter mother nature is busy isn't she.

2 ♥ Line dried washing. On Sunday I managed to dry our bedding outside. Woo Hoo. That doesn't happen very often in January.

3 ♥ A Thoughtful Delivery. On one of my work days my mum in law sent us a HUGE meat and potato pie for our evening meal. When you have been out of the house for 12 hours it's a real treat to come home to home made fare as delicious as this was. Thank you "Nanna"

4 ♥ Getting Out. The plus side of working long days is  getting time at home during the week. I get chance for short walks to put more food out for Robin.

And to notice the first tiny Snowdrops beginning to emerge.

More flowers...yay. Spring me be a way off but some brave blooms are showing their pretty faces.

 This was a rather grey walk and the countryside was looking very gloomy.

but the lack of foliage and sunshine makes you notice the silhouettes.

and what colour there is really stands out.

5 ♥ Home Comforts.  When it's cold outside it's so comforting to return to a warm house, a cup of tea and a simple treat.

I do try to eat my five a day too. Salads don't always appeal to me in winter, but roasted vegetables certainly do.

6♥ Indoor Flowers. Also appearing in my kitchen at this time of year is my windowsill garden. These inexpensive supermarket blooms are a simple thing that I really appreciate during the short winter days.

Is there any more cheerful a flower than the sunny daffodil. They are such a happy sight to come home to at the end of the day.

7 ♥ Remembering How to Knit. This was the first knitting I have attempted in about  20 years...oh, except for a couple of sessions helping Brownies learn, and that was still a decade ago now. I was amazed how well my latest foray into knitting went.

Well I did have help from lots of kind people in my computer who reminded me how to cast on, and what stocking stitch is. You Tube videos are great aren't they.

I have never been a confident knitter and I was tense. Childhood memories of dropping stitches, or ending up with more stitches nearly every row kept popping in my head. But somehow neither of those things happened. I'm sure my work is far from perfect but I was delighted with how neat it looked to my eyes.

 I'm ridiculously proud of this little baby hat. I love how smooth and soft it feels compared to my crochet hats. It actually came up really tiny so I will make more in a bigger size. I know it's not the right colour for the "traffic light system" I was so inspired by, but I just picked up the nearest colour to hand to experiment, then kept going.
It's so small I'm sure it would only be useful to really premature babies so I'm thinking the colour coding will not be needed in that situation.

I used THIS pattern. Gosh, that's 4 things I've made already this year. I wonder if this productive start is good sign :0)

I hope you lovelies have a good week 
Jacquie x